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Test Your Internet Speed

In recent years, the technology developed in every household with the internet is now the most important parameter of the Internet speed. For this reason, there are many different internet speed testing sites in the web world. These websites generally perform the same function. Onspeedtest.com was established in order to meet the need for an independent speed test in our country as a result of speedtestin being widely preferred.

Reliable Speed ​​Testing

In terms of websites that test speed on the Internet, the most important issue for users is the issue of reliability. Many companies have their own speed testing systems, such as mobile speed testing, of internet provider operators.

However, users often avoid using them because the information contained therein may be misleading. At this point, the importance of sites such as Onspeedtest.com, which makes a completely independent, accurate and fast test, arises.

Useful Interface

The biggest lack of online internet speed test sites is the fully covered screens filled with complex usage structure and ads. Onspeedtest.com’s simple interface is remarkable with its user-friendly structure. With this structure, Onspeedtest.com aims to be a website that can easily be used by anyone who understands or doesn’t understand the internet. For users, simply enter the website and press the start button in the middle. The fact that there are no misleading and redirection buttons for advertising is also liked by the users.

Quick and Clear Information

Onspeedtest.com provides information to users without a scam and quickly after testing. In this context, after the test, firstly, it provides the user with ping values. The ping value calculates the time between the two signals of an internet and informs the user about the signal quality. Second, the download speed is presented to the user. This gives information directly to the speed of an internet. The download speed gives information about the speed of receiving data from the Internet or downloading files (each website is a data). Then the upload speed is shown to the user. This speed also indicates the speed to be taken when the user is uploading data to the Internet. All of this information is presented side by side and clearly.

At Onspeedtest.com you can measure and test your internet speed safely and quickly. You can also do internet ping test.