Fusion FTTN X2 Internet Speed Test

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Internet speed is one of the most important issues of recent years. As of the period of ADSL internet period, internet connection problem has disappeared with a large majority of the latest technologies, such as fiber connection with options such as the connection is now only started to be discussed. You can take advantage of our Fusion FTTN x2 internet speed test system to clarify the speed that leads to major contradictions in the minds of our customers. With these speed tests, you can compare your promised internet connection speed with your actual internet connection speed.

What is Internet Speed ​​Test?

Internet speed test is the system that will allow you to measure the connection performance of your internet. With this system, you can measure the speed of your connection so that you can find out if your internet provider provides the real speed it promises to you. Three different parameters in the Internet speed test are given to the user. These are download speed, upload speed and ping. Thanks to these three, internet connection speed and quality can be measured.

How to do Internet Speed ​​Test?

In order to test the Internet speed, you need to enter our internet speed test page on your computer or mobile device via internet browser. Then you can start the test with a single key. During this test, a data exchange is not required from the computer or any other device. Torrent or any other download or upload program is not working. Also, if there is a social media or other website working in the internet browser, it is better to close it. This type of continuous data exchange systems may cause deviations in speed test systems.

What is the Speed ​​Test?

The Internet speed test allows you to control your connection speed and also check whether your connection is a problem. Periodic Internet speed testing is important to check whether your service provider delivers the right speed for you. At the same time, your Internet is also the most precise way to understand if there is a connection problem.

Therefore, if you tell us that you are having problems with your internet connection to our customer service, we will measure your internet speed first. In this way, information about the details of the cables in your connection, such as any deformation, if there is a problem in the connection points is obtained. If there is an abnormal decrease in your connection speed, it can be understood that there is a problem.

Download Speed, Upload Speed ​​and Ping

The download speed is the parameter that shows the speed at which your internet downloads. It will show how fast the average download is downloaded from the counter server to your computer. Thus, it can be seen whether there is a problem with the connection speed of your computer.

Upload speed shows the speed of data transfer to your server. The upload speed will show you how fast your connection can be up to speed. The most recent value is ping. Ping is a more complex but rather important value than the other two connections. Ping is a value given in milliseconds. It reports the time elapsed between two internet signals. The longer this time, the slower the Internet. This problem usually manifests itself as the problem of loading on web pages, sudden freezing on the internet, latency in games.

Where Should I Measure Internet Speed?

It is best to measure your internet speed on web pages prepared by our company for you. Although there are many web pages that are made for speed measurement on the Internet, measuring your own page of your internet provider will bring you the most accurate value. Otherwise, incorrect data from other places may lead to misleading. For all your questions and suggestions with our customer representatives