Fusion X2 Internet Speed Test

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In recent years, as the internet addiction of computers and mobile devices increased, people were more concerned about the speed of data. Especially with the increase in the number of movies and series monitoring services on the internet, the increase of the options of listening to online music and watching TV, the games have completely online modes, this sensitivity has reached the highest level.

In recent years, our customers have been receiving internet connections continuously and now they are paying attention to speed problems rather than connection problems. For this reason, we provide an internet speed measurement system that is free and available to every customer. With the Fusion x2 internet speed test system, you can learn the most accurate internet speed values ​​in a free way. Moreover, from seven to seventy people have an easy-to-use interface.

How to Measure Internet Speed?

In order to measure your Internet speed, you need to open an internet browser from your mobile device (phone or tablet) or from your computer. Then reach the internet speed test page where we provide special services to our customers. If you press a single start button from here, the system will automatically determine the source and destination server and measure the speed of the data connection. It gives you 3 different parameter information as download speed, upload speed and ping. With these you can learn about your internet speed.

What should be considered when measuring Internet speed?

While measuring your internet speed, any program, application or web site that downloads data from the internet should not be open. These web sites or applications are in constant data shopping, so that the measuring system can cause incorrect values.

What is Download Speed?

Download speed is the value that shows the speed at which you transfer the data from the counter server to your computer or mobile device via your server. This value, usually given in megabits, shows the unit data downloaded per second. The higher this data rate, the better. It should be close to the internet speed value promised by your internet provider. If you get a much lower value than you should, your connection also has a problem. You can contact our customer representative to resolve this issue or clarify whether there is a problem.

What is Upload Speed?

Upload speed is the name given to the amount of data transferred from your computer to the server against the unit time. Although this is usually lower than download speed, there should be a number close to the number determined by your agreement with your internet provider. Usually download and upload speeds go close together. If your upload speed is less than what you need, you can contact our customer representatives to see if there is a problem.

What is Ping Value? What does it mean?

Ping value is quite important for internet connection but it is one of the very unknown values. This value is a value that gives the amount of time in milliseconds when two internet signals reach your modem. The higher the value, the more ruptures and slowdowns on the Internet. If the value is low, then your internet will be more streamlined. The ping value differs depending on the server you are trying to connect to.

For example, trying to connect to a server in the American continent trying to connect to the asian server will not give the same value. The ping value will increase as the distance increases. Ping value has become more important in recent years with the expansion of online games.

Why Should I Measure My Internet Speed?

Your Internet speed gives you information about your connection directly. Abnormal high ping or very low download speed may indicate a malfunction in your internet connection, cables, modem, or ports. You can get help from our customer representative in negative cases.